Thursday, April 21, 2011

What i learned post

I learned many things from my experience in researching the illuminati. I learned that to be in the illuminati you must first sacrifice someone close to you, Sell your soul to the devil and you must have a special talent of some sort. I learned a lot about who is all in the illuminati and how they got into it, For instance, Lebron James used to be poor, didn’t have anyone to help him get into college then rapper "Jay-Z" came along and helped him through college and into the league. Jay-Z is suspected to be a major leader in the illuminati and its not a coincidence that he has been at all Lebron James games from high school to the NBA. I found out the major symbols in the illuminati and most of them are thrown up by people in the entertainment business such as "The all-seeing eye" and the "666 hand symbol." One of the biggest things that clue out a person in the illuminati is through they're music, rapper Lil Wayne says stuff about the devil all the time and people don’t mind it because he uses a lot of metaphors in his lyrics. People think that there are secret codes and messages in the music if you play it backwards. Chris Brow's late song "Fallin angel" is believe to be about the devil losing his wings and not being an angel anymore. In the bible it says the devil was the first person to ever be in hell. Barrack Obama is also said to be in the illuminati. They say his change slogan has to do with "The new world order" which means a group of people taking over the world. Theres a rumor that rapper "2pac" faked his death to avoid being killed by the illuminati. In some of his songs he has said "kiluminati" which means kill illuminati and the illuminati was offended about it. He was one of the few people to join the illuminati and then give his life back to god because he did not like the cause. Michael Jackson was also a rebel to the illuminati. He started refusing to use satanic lyrics in his music and then he was injected with vitilogo and lupus skin disease as a threat and he still refused to do it. As a result the illuminati struck back with his death

Friday, April 8, 2011

My journey........

This year, I haven’t been considered in my right grade and I haven’t been able to attend any of the activities that they had laid out for the juniors. Next year I’m supposed to be one of the graduating seniors of 2012 but I’m still a soft more this year. I have laid out a set of goals to accomplish before I graduate, such as pushing my GPA up to at least a 3.0. I have been looking thru some colleges that might suite my requirements and I decided that I want to stay in Florida so I can be close to my family and friends. The college that I have been looking at is Florida state university. My dream college since I was about has and always will be University of Miami since I was about 6 years old. The bad thing about it is that my grades aren’t good enough to get into it plus it’s a private school.  The GPA requirements are at least about a 3.8 and you have to have taken some AP classes just for them to look at your application. Meanwhile at Florida State they say the GPA is about a 3.0 which is what I’m aiming for. Some more of my goals are things such as attempting to finish more classes then I suppose to which would help me a little more. I am planning on going to college along the lines of TV production, Music production or just anything that has to do with computers because I am great with computers. People say that I should attend Full sail University because they study all of the things that am interested in. The only bad thing about that is they require high GPA’s and recommendations to get in and I don’t have anybody who can do that for me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Illuminati interview

Whats up this ya boy leyley comming live from da chocolate city with my girl channi from da 305. Today im interviewing channi about the illuminati.

Q: So what do you think about the rumor of rapper "lil wayne" being the "head huncho" or ringleader in the illuminati.
A: I dont believe that lil wayne is involved in the illuminati. I think it was either a misunderstanding or coincidence.

Q: What is the illuminati about?
A: I think the illuminati is about "New world order" in which devil worshippers are trying to take over the world.

Q: Who are some of the people you believe are in the illuminati?
A:Lebron james,Jay-z,Kanye West,Eminem,Barrack Obama,Lil Wayne,Chris Brown and ect.

Q: What are the requirements to join the illuminati?
A:You have to have some sort of talent , sacrafice someone that your close to, and use symbols to show that you are apart of it.

Q: Do you believe that Tupac Shakur was apart of the illuminati?
A: I believe that he was apart of the illuminati but then tried to sale his soul back to god and thats when he was murdered.

Q: What is "New world order"?
A: New world order is the belief that an extremely powerful group is about to take over which is what alot of the listed rappers have mentioned in some of the songs they made.

Q: Why do you believe that Lebron James is a member of the illuminati and he's not a musician?
A: Like i mentioned you have to have some kind of talent. Its not just a coincidence that rapper "Jay-Z" was at every single game of lebron james and lebron came from a very poor home. It is said that Jay-Z invest money into him.

Q: How do you give your life back to god?
A: If you join the illuminati thats pretty much it you gave your soul to the devil unless you start to rebelll like Tupac did and he ended up dying in the process.

Q: How long has the illuminati been around?
A: The illuminati has been around for hundreds of years it all started back with the government.

Q: Why do most people join the illuminati?
Most people join the illuminati for fortune and fame. The reason that some musicians join the illuminati because they want to be heard. They feel that as if they dont get heard then they're doing it for nothing.

click here to watch the drop the world video

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

pac's life

Tupac shakur wrote a book about himself before he died. In the book he talked about how hard it was for him in his life and some of the things he did in his lifetime. I believe that it was hard for him in his life and illuminati was one of the only ways he could get away from his horrible lifesyle. It said  it all in the title of this book "A rose that grew from concrete" the title is saying that something unique came from the impossible. His mother was an original black panther member. Tupac was a unique rapper and was one of the ones that felt like it they didnt get there music out and heard then they are incomplete. We know he was involved in the illuminati because in some of his songs he metioned it. In many of his verses he said something about the devil having his soul trapped and he's trying to get out. After he finally got out and sold his soul back to god he started to rebell against the illuminati mentioning things like "kiluminati" which means "kill illuminati". If

Friday, March 4, 2011

Current Events

One of the latest things that i have found out is that president Barack Obama is apart of the illuminati. They say that is part of the reason why he cant do some of the things that the president has to do such as the pledge. They say that his "Change" slogan is reffering to the illuminati taking over the world. The reason that the world says that rapper "2pac" is still alive, is because most people believe that he faked his death to avoid being killed by the illuminati. Rumors say he once was in the illuminati with producer "Suge Knight" but he wanted to sale his soul back to god so he could goto heaven. If you notice in some of his songs he says "kiluminati'' which means kill illuminati. Before the rapper died they said he used to read books about a guy named makaveli who faked his death for 10 years and wrote a book about it. Michael jackson was one who sang satanic lyrics and he started refusing to do it. He was purposely infected with vitilogo and lupus skin disease as a threat and still refused. He was then framed for child molestation and later converted to islam. Illuminati killed him because of his refusal.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

how to join the illuminati

To join the illuminati first you have to be talented or useful in some kind of way. Next you have to get in contact with an illuminati member.  They say you have to sacrifice a person that is really close to you. The reason you have to have a talent is because in return of you selling your soul to the devil , he's helping you out in return. You dont just sale your soul to the devil for free. When you sale your soul you use your talent to lower others in. You can have any talents such as football, basketball, musician and ect. The reason that people join the illuminati is because they have something that they want to get out like a musician wants the world to hear him and football players want to show off how good they are so they join the illuminati because they are promised fortune and fame.